Let’s Talk Lyfe

{A peachy beginner blogger from  W i s c o  with a passion to change the world in whatever way I can through a healthy, positive and generous lyfestyle, yay!}

Here you’ll find a sprinkle of peachiness in each post for a gentle reminder that this lyfe is too short to be anything but carefree. Cliché it may be, but hidden between the lines can be the things we as humans tend to push away. Looking back, though, our experiences are filled with LIVE LYFE moments & I’m here to help ya appreciate some of ’em.

What I’ve found at 21 years of age is that following your heart’s desires, striving for a healthy lyfestyle and listening to Him will assist you in the best of ways allowing you to find the finest guidance from those you’ve chosen to surround yourself with. Always be honest, be kind and love with everything you have. Oh, and stay curious!

Finding your “y” in lyfe will be a crazy journey and being so young, each new step can seem a lil’ on the risky side, but that’s the best part. Opportunity is a-knockin’! Surround yourself with the greatest advice, have faith and live with optimism because your mission is worth it. #LIVELYFE

John 4:19

With that said, please enjoy & always live lyfe. // xo