Mane Behavior™

What’s to Come of  “A Peachy Lyfe”?

I’ve thought up three key aspects:

1.) Relatable Happiness

2.) Fitness & Health

3.) Photography

I’m so, so content with the turnout of my blog thus far! Thank you to those who have stuck it out with me and plan to continue their support. I’m sure most people have gone about my site questioning the attraction & what I’m aiming for with ‘all things lyfe’. If I was asked to put it in ‘blog terms’, this is a lyfestyle based blog {duh, right?}. I’m still getting the hang of things, hopelessly hoping for it to hold tight & go somewhere, BUT I’m giving it time. I’ve always known that if you have a passion for something, the reach for it is in your hands and with any form of ambition, you need to START. I continue to find myself in a cycle of confusion where although I know how important fitness has become to me {and I’d love to share my experience}, photography is a passion I have yet “live lyfe” is what I stand for SO, here we are with A Peachy Lyfe. To clarify one thing though:

↠ This is  n o t  a blog about my butt, butts generally, booties, cheeks or anything back-end related.↞

{Seriously, I was bald as a baby & my grandmother thought my fuzzy head & soft skin felt like a peach, therefore, I’ve been known as “Peaches n’ Cream” ever since. To this day, I am still referred to as “peach”. Love it & wouldn’t trade the nickname for the world. Weird though, because I don’t even like the fruit, but high-key funny because it looks like a lil’ booty, awe!}

Anywhooo, I thought, what the HELLo Claire, get your rear in gear and start this up. You LOVE to write, take pictures, make people smile & workout. Sprinkle those ingredients over lyfe and BOOM; A PEACHY LYFE. Being completely clueless on where I’d take things with this, at least I started!

*phew, deep breaths, here we go*

My very first intention was fitness. I know, I know, seriously “sooo basic”. There are plenty of people trying to get started with that sort of thing all over social media {the fitness industry is awesome, but behind the scenes can get extremely out of focus & it’s a super competitive field to take on!} but for me it’s more than the physical aspect which is where I thought a “relatable yet optimistic vibe” was very fitting for my blog setting and the audience I strive to reach. Knowing the kind of people I look to for motivation & drive in all aspects of lyfe {not just physically} I knew I wanted to be that for others. I believe that sharing experiences makes a much simpler way for others to circle back & relate to on a more personal level. The story the behind why I started is an entirely separate post for a different time, so I won’t spend time going into detail there. What I can tell you is that comparison can either kill you OR you can decide to run with it.   

I decided to run.

Let me introduce you to Mane Behavior™.

This is the title my twinny, Julianna, and I created to sum up who we are. You may notice that the word “mane” isn’t how it should be spelled in this case, but yes it was intentional because if you know me and Jules, or at least what we look like…well here, here’s a photo of us:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Jules {left obvi, to die for} & I at our senior photo session 2015

I’m sure your first thought is that we “don’t look like twins…well except for the hair”; probably the #1 observation made right off the bat. She’s darker toned, in all ways, and I’m lighter all around. {Whoop, whoop for living the pale lyfe…bless the Lord for Rossa Self Tanner though #beatskincancer!} BUT we both rock the ‘mane’ & if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m referring to our hair. My dad would make comments like, “jeez, why don’t you girls do something to tame that, my goodness” as we walked out the door before school. COME ON POPS, the bigger the better! 

The “behavior” half of it is where the fitness/health comes into play. I thought the word behavior would be a fun, yet logical way to outline what we want for people to get out of following our journey; both the determined and positive mental mindset paired with the healthy lyfestyle we work towards having, MANEly fitness related. We’ve been on this lil’ adventure for almost two years now so we decided why not just do it together, forever? In other words, make it our way of lyfe, not just a phase. It’s tough because Julianna is currently enrolled as a student at the University of La Crosse, WI, leaving about an hour, give or take of distance between us making it difficult to brainstorm things we’re looking to accomplish. Having to balance faith, school, relationships with friends & fambam and the gym is crazy, so props to those who are doing it. Me not being in school and working, I have a bit more time on my hands leaving the creative side of things up to me. Our MANE {lol see what I did there} intention is to help others better themselves in whatever way we can, together. Whether that be fitness related or not, we love to be there for people. One of the best feelings in the world is having others look to us for guidance, it truly warms the heart. What’s cool about this little project is that we are complete opposites, but that’s what makes us a well-suited team. Our opposite personalities truly attract. We help balance each other out, knowing when to goof around but also put in the work when necessary. Seriously, SO FUN; a forever bff to push you to be a better you. Can’t get much better than that, am I right? We believe in finding your self-worth through the things that make you feel good; ours happens to be the gym. FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE. 

Jules and I might be tackling this together, but it hasn’t always been that way. Just like anyone, our paths towards a healthier lyfestyle vary in many ways. We became involved with the weights at different times in our lives, but have found our meeting point and one of the best parts is knowing that we’re always looking to push each other. This isn’t a competition of who’s on top, we set goals and work together to achieve them. Challenging ourselves has helped us grow in many ways outside of the physical aspect. *Your mental game is the #1 ingredient to a healthy lyfestyle, no doubt.*

Really though, she and I are such dorks, but have a ton of fun doing lyfe together. Nearing the end of high school, my head was about ready to explode. Eighteen brutal years standing along side of each other {which, we low-key loved yet never admitted} but I can now say that distance truly makes the heart grow fonder. She went away for school while I stayed near home, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the distance. We looked forward to seeing each other more, and FINALLY had a chance to miss each other. Wishing  to be closer to each other was a new scene for us…nothing we expected I’ll tell ya that much.

Please realize one thing before getting to know us;


Ask. A N Y O N E.


Mane Behavior is going to launch as soon as Julianna and I can begin prioritizing what we’d like to do with it. I’m currently in the midst of creating a website which will include Q & A’s for workouts and whatnot. We’re taking things one step at a time, so we’re excited! As I said before, it will be a fitness-based account {@ManeBehavior on Insta!}. Please note that she and I are NOT CPT {Certified Personal Trainers}, we just truly enjoy becoming stronger individuals both physically & mentally, and the gym allows us to conquer that!

Ready, Set, BEHAVE.™

xo // Stay peachy loves! ♕

{IF YOU’RE WONDERING: Yes, telepathy is real for us. Also, if you’re going to ask who would win in a fight, me FOR SURE}. Mwah.


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