I Scream, You Scream


It’s such a good day! I can only hope that you feel the same. Remember lyfe is too short to live low!


I know I have yet to post on the blog for this week, but I’m brainstorming that’s for sure! I’m thinking I’ll try my best to post every other day a lil’ piece of advice to help you guys stay engaged. CROSS YOUR FINGERS, I PRAY FOR A FRESH MIND!

Anywho, I went to Walmart yesterday {not the biggest fan, personally. They don’t have near the variety of food selection as Festival or Woodman’s but I live in a small town so I gotta take what I can get!} and I’m strollin’, feeling like a DOPE adult because it’s fun to know that I can grocery shop on my own and get what I need because I WORKED for it, that’s an awesome thought…well until you get to the checkout and have to swipe your card BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT…

I’m nearing the last aisle; the frozen section. Now, I don’t LOVE ice-cream, but it’s OBVIOUSLY a nice treat from time to time & I’m sucker for sweets. Some people are salty, but I’m definitely a sweetie {tehe} so I gravitate towards foods that will cure my sweet tooth. As I glance {naturally you’ve gotta} I saw colorful polka dots that looked way too familiar to me. Side note: There is just NO WAY you don’t look down that aisle, feeling like you’re in slow motion as you pass it, wanting a scoop of ice-cream. DO NOT DENY THIS.

{Please make the drum roll effect in your head, seriously it’ll make this way better}


I, no joke, began tearing up out of excitement because my prayers had been answered. I did the whole “whoops excuse me! Sorry!” to a guy in a wheelchair as I crossed over the walkway with my cart because I was THAT pumped to get it. It’s the only ice cream that I feel guilt-free of once I’m through with it. YES, I eat the entire pint if I feel like it because honestly, NO SHAME. The ingredients rock, the calories {if you count them, I do not} are impeccable for the whole pint and it doesn’t taste like cardboard {Arctic Zone does}. My personal favorite is the Red Velvet; perfect hint of chocolate taste with lil’ chocolate turds throughout it. Way too good, but unfortunately it wasn’t stocked so I grabbed the Peanut Butter Cup {LOVE this one too, come in a close second}, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough {it’s okay, not a lot of dough though, low-key really sad about that} and the Birthday Cake {this was the very first flavor I ever tried so I can’t just leave it hangin’!}. None of the flavors are overwhelming in any way. What else was great about this? IT’S A DOLLAR CHEAPER AT WALMART THAN FESTIVAL {no surprise there, but it was exciting}. Every time I’ve gone home, I’ve fallen under the Halo Top spell and made a darn trip to Festival to grab a pint {or three…}.

Moral of this is that I had a real good Thursday and decided to share it with you because sharing experiences is fun, but beneficial in plenty of ways.
YES, this was a high point for me because it was a rainy day, I wasn’t feeling well and I DESERVED IT. Just kidding, I just knew I could make room for it in the budget for this week, there was just no other way.

What was a high point of your week {so far}?

DM me, comment, or email me!

xo & Stay peachy loves!


Oh, and each pint comes with some good advice! *heart eye emoji*


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