An ‘L’ is the new ‘W’

YAY, giving myself knucks because I figured out what to say this week.

Monday Funday! — even if that means rain alllll day. More time for coffee + blogging!

⇄ I encourage you to read until the end, and be sure to take a look at the photo attached + caption ⇄


Let’s get real for a bit here. Bounce back might be a dope hit by Big Sean but it’s also a super cool metaphor if you think in literal terms; use your mistake as your leverage. Take the ‘L’ but search for the ‘W’ within it.

L’s are never permanent.

Growing up, the ‘four community values’ within my school district were Respect, Responsibility, Honesty & Kindness. Being brought up with that mental mindset {in which I took very seriously, so to all you past, current & future Papermakers, don’t lose hold of that} I should have all four of ’em down pat, but no matter how far out of school I am, there’s always work to be done. ’Taking an L’ can sometimes be out of your control but, in most cases you’re given the opportunity to make it a ‘W’, I assure you of this based off of my {recent} personal experience. Hence, why I chose to bounce back from last week’s awfully lyfeless post. I wouldn’t doubt you’ve at some point been at a low, where it doesn’t feel as if you’ll ever recover. It sucks, you’re at a loss for where to begin and you’ve quite honestly…given up. You’ve ‘accepted’ the mess that you made and that’s that. Okay, DOPE, accept it. That’s all fine and dandy but, get UPPP oh my goodness if the world was ending, you’d know…but this, this lil’ thaaang is not it. {Okay so, some mistakes might not be little, but either way, don’t dwell}. Acceptance is only the beginning. Give yourself some time, but don’t pity yourself. Yes I preach to accept, but it goes beyond the initial acceptance to come back from messing up. Don’t throw that party for 1 {yup, just you} where you feel sorry for yourself because of the mistake you’ve made. NO. UNacceptable route to take in this lyfe. It’s a mistake because it’s a learning experience. Freakin’ fight to come back from whatever the HELLo brought you down.

Time is everything.

What does bouncing back mean for me? … Honest to God, it is the only way to get through my f*** ups. Notice I didn’t say “get over” my mistakes. There’s no such thing. Getting through your lows will build you up. Getting over a block in your mental road will only bring on negativity & weakness. Come back stronger, better, and ready to create a wiser way of looking upon things. I big thing for me is prayer {and if not for you, totally cool} and I encourage you to do the same. You’ll grow with each mistake, as painful as that may be to realize in some situations. When I mess up {if you’ve been keeping up with posts} it feels a million times worse because I panic and immediately shut down. As I mentioned in the “Reclaim Your Power” post, my recent biggy is what truly proved to me that I’ve got to step up my honesty game. It resulted in me becoming nonexistent over social media & I made the decision to say BUH-BYE to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Tumblr {I barely use it, but whatevs it counts}. NO, I didn’t get rid of Instagram because I have the ability to block and hide things that I don’t want to be aware of or see. I also use it as an outlet for the blog, so I made an exception in this case. Really though, get good at admitting you’re wrong. Yes it’s horrifying and overly humiliating, but pride is good. Pride rocks & that’s how you’ll get it. I decided to veer my personal account more towards showing my appreciation for the things in my lyfe that mean the most to me: people, experiences. It’s much more rewarding showing off others than a selfie I took because of “good lighting” or the likes/favorites.


On a more serious note:

Messing up? More like growing up. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t punish your mind & soul for being in the wrong. You, are YOU. The core of who you are is still there, but you were side tracked by something that felt new, so you gave it a go. Just remember that no one can outrun your roots. That’s all you. Be proud of what you have to offer and bounce back from what made you recognize it.

Thanks for tuning in for some Bounce Back education, babes!


And when you bounce back, here’s what you do: ^

xo & remember to always Stay Peachy! ♡


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