I’d like to say that getting behind on something is ‘soooo unlike me’ but then I’d be lying to you. This is typical of me, and I’m not fond of that but it’s something I’ve been working on since the beginning of high school.  I hate putting the pro in procrastination. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when I get overwhelmed {or think that I am, then again I get overwhelmed very easily}, especially these past couple of weeks. I appreciate more than anything those who have stuck with me. I started a new job therefore I was putting off the stuff that I enjoy {aka BLOGGIN’} but,


I’ve never been a real good one at taking risks, naturally my anxiety is always like “new things? Hard pass”. I get too nervous to ‘take a leap of faith’ with the things that shouldn’t scare me away. I guess that’s just a part of growing up. Getting older sucks, but only in some ways. Like when you go shopping with your mom and meet up at some point in the store with handful of clothes only to realize that she isn’t just going to buy them for you, you’re probably going to have to take care of it with your own money, so you put half of it back {LOL}, yes that part isn’t fun. BUT, on the other end, wisdom is a super cool thing to gain with age. With risks, comes new adventures which creates wise knowledge, FREAKIN’ AWESOME, HUH?! Your body might treat you differently than it did when you were a sophomore in high school or you have more responsibilities than you did a year ago or you might not talk to the people you used to etc., etc., but with each new day comes new expereiences & opportunities to LEARN and TAKE RISKS. Blows my mind how cool that is. A ‘restart’ button every twenty four hours? I’ll take it. Since deciding to step away from the books, I’ve told myself this:

It’s better an “oops” than a “what if”.

Take the risk. If and when you f up {which will indeed happen, lyfe isn’t perfect}, then SWEET. We all do it. Learning comes from not only new experiences, but your mistakes. Whether big or small, you’ll run into both at some point and it’s so importnat to push through those times. Having courage seems easy until the time comes to take action, but mentally preparing yourself for a moment of discomfort is always, always well worth the after-knowledge.  Whether you come to find out you’re “never doing that again” or “I’m so pumped I just did that what the hell I ROCK”, just do it. {Okay, honestly hype TF out yourself because I may not know each one of you that read these or follow along with the blog on a personal level but,  I KNOW YOU’RE DOPE}. We come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of different backgrounds, with a variety of struggles but that helps us realize that we aren’t alone. EMPATHY ROCKS, IT’S COOL AND NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF. Why feel silly for being there for someone? Coming from the queen of making mistakes, it is so comforting to know you’re surrounded by others that will understand you. I’ll be the first to admit that without my faith in the man above us, there is no chance I’d be where I am today, mentally or physically. I’m beyond blessed to have the most forgiving, supportive and hard working people placed in my lyfe. As you may know from following, good advice is the best company, always. 

I apologize for the short & sweetness of this, but I’ve come to realize that my thoughts are best summed up in a smaller variation of words. I’ll post more & more as summertime arrives.

xo & Stay Peachy!



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