Monday, July 17th 2017

For whatever reason, I’m feeling extra motivated today. With making new friends since my job where I’m at, I’ve gotten extremely off track with what I want in lyfe. My friends aren’t why. It’s me {never blame others}. Anywho, when my computer began to correct “lyfe” to “life” again, I knew I had become far too distant with my page. BUT, no more of that. It’s a new week. Don’t hate Monday’s, embrace each of ’em. A restart button, whatever you’d like to call it, it’s fresh AF and it’s yours. Make today a good one.

On my way home from the gym, I took advantage of the iPhone 7 feature “hey siri” directing her to open “notes” and start a to-do list for the day. I want to start feeling more accomplished. Although it has always been a goal of mine, I want to be more attentive towards accomplishing little things that will keep me motivated and focused. Mentally I’ve been lost but, not the scary kind. Just the young, naive, “WTF” kind. I look around worrying, wondering and thinking about the people surrounding me, or my friends from high school; seeing them find their purpose here on earth. Time to knock that off. I decided that trusting in Him will be my only way to a purposeful lyfe.

When first moving away from home, I had a strict regimen: early a.m. coffee with grandma, gym, meal prep, work, bed by 8:30pm… 10pm AT THE LATEST. The past few weeks or so have been messy mornings of ‘whenever you feel like waking up’, sitting on social media, attempting to keep my meals in top shape but lazily heading to the local coffee shop {WASTING $$$, UGH} only to have someone else whip up a sandwich I could’ve easily made on my own, trying to make it to the gym, working and then staying out until the weeee hours of the a.m…REPEAT.

Stupid. Dumb. Not worth it.

If I’m being honest, I have no clue how people do it, especially at our age.

{Props to those who feel one hunna after dedicating your time to social events & lots of people}

I need sleep. I need a healthy diet. I need a routine {they rock}. I need to feel accomplished. I need a goal. I need things to look forward to besides “just another day”. So, I started making check lists and notes to help me really question and break down my days to be sure my time is spent wisely with the right people & doing the right things {side note: by ‘doing the right thing’ I mean the activities that are right for ME, not overall. Not everything I do will feel right for or to YOU!}. My lists range from itty bitty goals to hefty, this-will-come-with-time-and-hardwork dreams. It’s beyond important to take care of yourself in whatever way you need to in order to strive for a better you. Don’t live to satisfy others. You’ll never satisfy yourself living in that way. Just know that stressing over not knowing, not being OKAY or an uneasy feeling of what’s to come is only the beginning of a wonderful process & beautiful lyfe ahead. Remember that your soul is only nourished by what you provide for it; keep your ora filled with joy, a soft heart and lots n’ lots of love.


Mini Lyfe Hack:

For those who appreciate little reminders from time to time, this one’s for you–

Back in high school, I took a class called “Leadership” where we were taught how to lead by example through projects, history & our actions. This class would still to this day be voted by anyone who attended KHS the most favorite class taken. Anywho, I believe it was a Monday {woooohoooo!} that we were assigned to list 1,000 awesome things {this is tougher than you think..}. We were then asked to choose three that meant a bit more than the others and share it with the class. As you can see, I’m a sucker for sappy tidbits and am high-key a pack rat who keeps anything with emotional attachment, so I still have mine pinned up on what I like to call my “Live Lyfe board”, titled “Awesome Things”. Opening it now and again still takes my breath away because unfortunately I cannot list all three for you today due to it being a bit risky, but my top two were:

1.) Julianna {my twin}


2.) Laughing {best cure to any bad day, I don’t care how cliché that sounds, that’s only because it’s the truth}

I challenge you to do this. It’s something that will make you think, but not just any kind of thinking, joyful thinking. Appreciative thinking.
Stay full of gratitude, it will never spoil. Continue to mature through experienced time for wisdom is important.
Let’s ignore my ungodly penmanship. I’m disgusted as well. Cheers to 4th grade boy handwriting…holla.

xo & Stay Peachy, babes!



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