small but mighty


it has been so long. too long. 

i will admit that i’m lonely but happy and i think that’s okay and healthy to recognize. it’s best for me. i want to be raw. i want to stay real. i want you to feel welcomed to this place in my lyfe. i know i haven’t found my ‘why’ because i feel lost but yet… found??? i’d further explain but truly couldn’t tell ya what that means. i’m good, i’m golden. that’s what matters. this whole ‘self care’ thing has been hard for me to pick up on, yikes. God has been sneaky this year & this obstacle course i’m currently swinging through is far from easy but He’s got my back. trying to trust. this will work. slowly but surely beginning to gather writing ideas. i have lots of breakdowns but then i come to and remember i’m a dramatic ball of stress and i feel bad for my boyfriend haha.

i’ve always said that cliché statements are considered cliché because they’re always true. “It’s the little things” is no doubt top 5 most said — and don’t @ me because you’re more than likely agreeing with that statement. i think it’s funny that we emphasize the little things in this lyfe but we all know they aren’t little. I think we say it to capture a moment. unfortunately, nowdays that moment is usually for the ‘gram but, do you actually take in that moment where your soul feels like sunshine and your heart sounds like the drums from your favorite band playing? probably not because you just want the double tap but, don’t take that as a diss because i just hope you figure out how to grasp the itty bitty seconds in time where your breath is taken away yet you can breathe so clearly because you’re so in love with that specific set of seconds. God is responsible for that so


p.s. here is a pic of me being genuinely content.
hi jake, i love you a lot babes.

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