The Original

{One peachy blogger from  W  i  s  c  o  n  s  i  n}

A true peach from the beginning with my lack of hair & ‘peachy’ skin. I’ve been known for my wild laugh, sarcastic ‘charm’ & taking things too seriously. Singer + photographer + sun lover + close listener + coffee drinker + lyfe enthusiast. I admire all things healthy living & have a true desire to continue to learn every day. Forever an old soul with a child-like essence, praying it never fades. I love the human spirit & have been blessed by the man above us with the ability to fall in love with people for who they are & what they stand for. I strive to always choose curiosity over judgment. My lyfelong hope is to help people better themselves from within our Lord’s word, because although I believe our bodies are our temples, what sincerely counts comes from the mind + heart + soul. Doing all things through Christ & giving it my all.  Looking positively upon each situation given to us; this lyfe is a true privilege. Stay peachy, my loves! // xo

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