Live Lyfe Photography

Hi There!

Well, although I’ve taken on blogging about all things lyfe & focus much of my days away from the books on fitness/health, photography was my very first love…if we’re talking hobbies that is. I began to thrive off the interaction with people; hearing their stories, getting to know them and connecting with them in ways I did not expect when going into a session! Whether it be someone I know, or people who have reached out to me, I have a blast taking a session and running with it afterwards. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to meet & capture so many faces, both new and old, throughout my growing relationship with my camera. I find it important to truly get to know my clients prior to their session in order to capture the true essence of their being. I want each one to feel as comfortable as possible going into a shoot!

Come shoot with me!

Start off by telling me a bit about yourself through the contact form below {what you’re looking to get out of the shoot}. From there, we can attempt to set up a consultation time that works best for the both of us before taking on a session together! This will help clear up any questions/concerns you may have regarding your potential session. We’ll go over locations, outfit choices/styles, what a session includes & of course rates. My time is somewhat limited with the blog, fitness & getting back on my feet with school, so I will ONLY take on a session if I know that I will be able to fulfill my duties as a photographer!

**I specialize mainly in senior & family portraits but am very open to new opportunities such as couple/engagement sessions**

↔Traveling, although it is an option, may be limited as well as the fact that your rate may vary due to the cost it will include for me to get to you. For the time being, I am a Wisconsin based photographer!↔

↓A sneak peek of my work is displayed in the slideshow at the bottom of the page!↓