good hearts ::

“good hearts. dreamers. golden souls of love + lyfe”



This one’s for you, babes.

Straight from the heart; my full ass heart.


I cry when I watch this because a.) I’m a sappy lil’ bish, and b.) because this came out of nowhere. I’ve been reaching to God for guidance for a HOT minute and I’ve finally found my fire. I’ve known it all along, but it’s crazy how He times this all out.

:: side note :: if you’re having a tough time understanding my ‘why’ behind this project, I wish I had a decent explanation. I have no clue, I just know I need to do it. I’ll just stick with ‘leap of faith’ for now :,)

For real this “trailer” was random, not planned, I didn’t use a stabilizer (for those wondering, that’s what makes a video look ‘smooth’ or ‘not shakey’), it wasn’t taken in 4k (super high quality) or with a $5,000 camera. I grabbed my lil’ hand held, took a total of maybe 13 videos, sat for 3 hours straight at 11:30pm Tuesday and went OFF. Felt like nothing coulda stopped me??? Weirdest feeling ever??? Loved it though. I truly can’t remember the last time I’ve been that engaged in something, then add passion to it…insane. This was such a moment of truth for me. All the trust was worth it. We originally went driving for a sunset shoot. This vid was the result.

I was sitting at a local coffee shop with this footage and all of sudden I just knew. I knew who I wanted to use as a “cast”, I knew the name of this project, I knew the song I wanted to use, I knew everything. On the spot. I call this a “trailer” because I have what will be a very prolonged project in the making and it’s going to be crazy season for me but I can genuinely say I’m ready for this one. It’ll simply consist of a small handful of people in my life that I feel deserve to be hyped, to have a spotlight, need to be heard or seen or given credit because they have in some way helped me feel significant again. Honestly, I swear these people are made of sunlight.

Very excited for who I have chosen to include as a part of this. I don’t know the point of it, I just know I’m stoked about it. Just out here tryna make people feel. good hearts. dreamers. golden souls of both love + lyfe. Bring on this Live Lyfe Movement. I can’t believe I’m about to do this??? —let’s go.


Come with me on this ride ’cause she gonna be good. oh so good. quick though: my advice to you is to please never, ever lose sight of the ones that have encouraged or continue to encourage your dreams and kill your doubts. they’re the gems so, keep ’em close baby GIRL (or guy, what’s good).



thought I forgot? Could never —as always, stay peachy ⋒




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