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So excited to launch my lil’ blog. It has been too long since I’ve written much of anything & it’s a wonderful way to express my understanding on the peachy lyfe I live. 

First of all, thank you for taking time out of your lyfe to read my thoughts, it is much appreciated by this peachy chica. Here I sit, taking deep breaths while jotting down my first blog post because I’m nervous as all heck, but hey, after a fairly long time of debate, I feel ready so here I present to you, a peachy lyfe.

My main philosophy is to help others recognize & appreciate their true potential &/or purpose in this LYFE…hence the “y” rather than “i” in lyfe. Give yourself a ‘why’, because you deserve it. Put others before yourself, it will teach more than you could ever imagine! I’m not about opinions, I’m about expression 100% through healthy living & optimism. CAN I GET AN AMEN?!


I’ve been working towards this blogspot since October of twenty sixteen and it’s been a mix of emotions, both up and down {mostly ups though, because I’m all too excited to get started!} to figure out what the point of all this was going to be. I kept thinking…alright, well who in the HELLo is going to want to read anything a chick from Appleton, WI is going to have to say about all things lyfe…?! But it simply came down to this: my thoughts are important to ME, and if others are intrigued, they’ll take some of their own time to join in on a few of ‘em!

Putting my thoughts down has always brought a sense of relief to my mental game. I’ve journaled plenty over the past few years, and my creative side decided a blog would be a super “me” thing to do as a way to keep busy while away from home —side note about this peach: I moved away from home because I’m currently taking a breather from school. I decided it wasn’t for me {quite yet} after going through a bit of a rough patch my first semester right out of high school. My intuition told me it was time to put the books on hold for a little while. So, here I am going on semester #3 off {the rents aren’t too pleased, but you have to do what makes you happy}. I’m heading back this upcoming fall to major in business management with a minor in nutritional sciences. Being home was a distraction; I felt as if I was trapped in high school, and although my father is my rock, I was overwhelmed by his eager thoughts on how I “plan to higher my education” because that’s what HE wanted, not me. I made it a point to continue reminding myself that all things are happening for a reason, and God is creating this path for me to take so, I’m here to trust in that.—


The past year and a half {or so} has been quite uneven, emotionally, for me. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ve gotten through them {not OVER them, but through}. I’ve taken plenty of steps back to reassure myself of how far I’ve come to accomplish all I have & although it may not seem like much at times, my birds eye view of lyfe has truly guided me to be an open minded soul with a side of witty love & kindness in my heart. I look back at high school, middle school, even my elementary years and used to regret so much of them, but I’ve come to realize it made me who I am.

Here are my top 10 daily reminders to myself:

1.) God will always love you; trust in His ways & find Him in all you do

2.) You cannot regret something you once wanted; hard to admit but, it eases the mind

3.) Choose curiosity over judgement; everyone is going through something {cliché because it’s true}

4.) Stop being hung up on mistakes; what’s done is done. DO NOT allow your mistakes to define you

5.) Think with optimism, know that there cannot be positives without the negatives

6.) Your mission, whatever that may be, is  a l w a y s  worth it

7.) Find comfort in being uncomfortable

8.) Strive to compete with yourself, not others

9.) Be open-minded towards all things, whether that be people or places

10.) Fall in love with the lyfe you’ve been given

Reasons I shared these with you are one, because I find them to be important, whether you do or not is your opinion & we’re all entitled to ‘em! Two, it’s always interesting to me knowing what keeps others going, so I thought I’d give you my insight on how I tend to stay optimistic day by day.

**taking deep breaths as I continue**

I get all too excited about the smallest things, and as Kristen Bell says, embrace the embarrassment of {lyfe} moments, they only make you stronger. Make it a point, even better yet, a goal to look forward to the little embarrassments that will occur a.k.a being “like literally awkward af”. Those are the best because you’re vulnerable but end up laughing later. Being comfortable with those small moments will last a lifetime, once you get the hang of them! I PROMISE. I thrived off of ‘awk moments’ throughout middle & high school. I was such a dork, but I truly didn’t care about what others thought was “cool”. Hopping on the bandwagon was just not my forte, and I was okay with that. Plus, what’s the point?! You break yourself down over and over again to find yourself living for others…what an awful way to live.


I’m all about silliness & full force, gut clenching giggles. Let me tell you something, my laugh, along with my twin sister’s {yes, I am a twin} is ridiculous. I’ve learned to embrace it, but that took quite a while *laughing emoji*. Meeting new people is the greatest & revisiting old friendships/relationships is such an incredible experience. As you grow older, you start to peek back and wonder a lot more than you used to. They say revisiting the past will only hinder what you envision the future as, but I look at it as a strength; to have the ability to reminisce the past yet continue to move forward, sometimes even more determined than before.

ALL IN ALL, welcome to A Peachy Lyfe, I can only hope you took a tad bit away from this post, if not, thank you for stopping by! Cheers to my very first blog post for being messy & helping me reflect oh so deeply on lyfe, I LOVE IT.

To many more…

xo, Peachy babes!


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