Fresh Start


Yes, it has been around 2 months since a post.

Yes, I lost motivation and forgot my “why”.

Yes, I got off track {thank you writer’s block}.

Yes, that is lyfe.
YES, I am back.

Let’s start fresh.

Happiest of Monday’s to you, I hope it was just as wonderful as you are. If I’m being brutally honest with you, I do not have any specific topic to cover, I just want to write. I’ve gotten off track and lost total motivation to keep my page going. As each day passed, I realized how much further away I was getting from my overall goal. My passion is to make others happy; to show how wonderful lyfe is through positivity, faith and good advice. Be original, be kind and always stay true to your roots. Those will keep you forever grounded & moving forward towards wherever you wish to be in lyfe whether that is tomorrow, next month or years to come. Although I’ve been away from A Peachy Lyfe, I’ve been reaching little goals such as continuing to better myself physically, socially and figuring out where to go in order to further myself. A continuous reminder I make is to know that you cannot see change without effort. I see incredible things {social media is a positive thing if you seek that within it!} all over the world of social media that I can only hope I achieve some day but, scrolling by with heart eyes won’t get me there. It’s time to start making moves towards what your goals, dreams, wishes, aspirations truly are. Lyfe is too short to watch ’em fly by!

Get after it, whatever that may be.

A couple thoughts that may sneak into mind while taking {what may seem to be} risky steps towards your goals? Here’s my take:

-The judgement of others is not in your control, do not try to change their opinion; ignore it.  {will write more on this some day soon}

-This is YOUR dream, don’t let someone crush it with their negative mindset; believe in it.

Physically write your plan down to help hold yourself accountable.

-No overthinking allowed.

-This is an openminded process with so much going for it, that there’s truly no time for negativity, keep your thoughts clear of anything but plus signs, loves!

I’m happy to be back and going after things. I can’t wait to be more active on here once again, this was my happy place and I hope to make it even more in upcoming time.

xo and stay peachy, babes!


Here’s me at home, with some of my favorite things; my baby sister, Mr. Sun & my camera. xo


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